Fly Fishing Austin & Central Texas is a deep dive into the limestone-rimmed spring creeks and rivers within an easy drive of downtown Austin. Packed with more than 100 legal access points and 49 detailed route descriptions on more than a dozen streams in what local anglers believe is the best and most diverse urban fishery in America, it is an indispensable reference.

Along the way, I introduce readers to some of the flora and fauna they are likely to see, recap some local history, and suggest some stops to sample the region’s burgeoning craft beer scene. I also give an unvarnished report on the state of our waters 20 years into the new century, and suggest some things you can do to help meet the challenges ahead.

If you are new to fly fishing, or maybe just fly-curious, you’ll find enough information here to get started. If you’re visiting Austin for business or a music festival, pack a fly rod! It’s easy enough to grab an Uber or Lyft (or, heck, just walk a couple of blocks) for a couple of hours on a local stream. If you’re local or a veteran angler, I’ve included some spots you probably haven’t gotten around to yet.

Fly Fishing Austin will be available from Imbrifex Books May 7, 2020, and is available to fly shops through Angler’s Book Supply and to the trade through all the usual channels. Please support local businesses whenever possible. For upcoming book events, including presentations and signings, check out the events page.


What people are saying …

“Not only does [the book] offer detailed access to new adventure but its many-layered qualities of anecdotes, fish identification and biology, and historical perspective make it interesting reading on its own.”—Phil Shook, author of Flyfisher’s Guide to Texas and Flyfisher’s Guide to Northeast Coast.

"Aaron has created a valuable resource for anyone wanting to fly fish in central Texas. This book will be a valuable resource for years to come."―Alvin Dedeaux AllWaterGuides.com

"This book is a literal wealth of knowledge to fly anglers of every skill level! I consider this book a necessary tool for anyone looking to fly fish the heart of the Lone Star State!”―Chris Johnson LivingWatersFlyFishing.com