Local Fly Shops

One way to determine where a city or a region stands on the fly fishing destination leader board is to count the number of fly shops. Central Texas has a bunch, plus pretty decent fly fishing departments at Bass Pro Shops (Round Rock) and Cabela’s (Buda). Please, always support the local mom and pop business when you can—these are community centers as much as retailers, and they do a lot more for us than just sell stuff.


Local Fly Fishing Guides

I am an advocate of do-it-yourself angling, but if you want to quickly get up to speed on some of the larger local waters, book one of the outstanding local fly fishing guides through Living Waters Fly Fishing (Chris, Marcus, Griff) ReelFly Fishing Adventures (Donovan, Paul, Davin), Action Angler (Chris), or one of the services listed below.


Local Hangouts

Wanna sample the state of the area’s craft brewing and distilling? Or maybe just hang out in a really cool, old dive bar? None of these fine, local establishments will mind if you walk in a bit damp and funny-smelling.


Blogs Worth Reading

Everybody’s got a story, everybody’s got a family, and a lot of them have RVs ….

Podcasts Worth Listening To

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration while sitting at the tying desk or for something to make the miles fly by en route to your next fishing destination, these podcasts are worth your time.

Local Makers

There is a growing number of really talented creative types who are part of the Central Texas fly fishing community. I’m lucky enough to call some of them friends and fishing buddies.

  • Alana Louise Lyons, a killer graphic designer whose work you’ve probably seen featured by Yeti, Howler, and others.

  • Dustin Scott of Heart Wood Trade was recently honored as a Garden & Gun “Made in the South” finalist. His handcrafted wooden landing nets are beautiful and functional.

  • Edgar Diaz creates bad-ass wearable art through Sight Line Provisions.

  • Nathan Brown makes beautiful original paintings and prints. His watercolors usually are created with water from a stream that is home to the fish he is painting.

  • Craig Dunlavy crafts bamboo rods and sells the through Williamannette Rod Co. in Dripping Springs.

  • Davin Topel is making some sublime whiskey and gin at Real Spirits Distilling out in Blanco.

  • Umpqua Fly Designer Matt Bennett ties flies to order at Fly Geek Custom Flies.

  • Wes McNew is another talented local tier. Find him at Onion Creek Fly Co.

  • Chris Barclay has moved away from Texas, but his roots here are deep and my favorite fly rod, his Synthesis 68L “Brushy Creek Special,” was inspired by one of my home waters. Check out the world’s finest fiberglass fishing poles at C. Barclay Fly Rod Co.

  • Diablo Paddlesports are hometown heroes for their incredibly stable and innovative hybrid boats. Is it a stand-up paddleboard? Is it a kayak? Is it a casting platform? However you use them, rest assured these boats will go skinny and withstand lots of contact with limestone.